In the world of beauty there is one man that everyone refers to as the “Michelangelo” of plastic surgery, Ivo Pitanguy. A man with the help of his father attended at the age of 15, a local medical school by adding three years to his age. He then went on to studying with leading surgeons of his time in London and Paris .In the course of his work during two world wars, Pitanguy realized that the techniques he used in his reconstructive operations could purely be used for aesthetic purposes. Looking at the course of his career, I was

impressed by the fact that he is the man of the people. While his clinic caters to the elite clientele with the goal of providing aesthetic treatments and cutting edge cosmetic surgery with a unique technique, it also welcomes patients in a beautiful atmosphere. He also has committed himself to those who are less fortunate, so much so that in 1960 he opened a charity wing at Santa Casa in Rio de Janeiro, which at the age of 82 still overseas with his staff to this day. They perform one free surgery every week on patients who suffer from birth defects or accidents. Dr. Pitanguy and his staff also perform breast augmentation for the middle class for a small fee where emphasis on a beautiful body is part of the Brazilian culture.

This amazing man, who has been married for over 50 years has three sons and a daughter named Gisela. She is the director of the Pitanguy clinic. Ms. Pitanguy overseas the creation of the new skincare line called "PREVIOUS". These special products came to life in the 90's, due to the high demand of Pitanguy’s international clients who used the physician’s products that helped prolong the results of their procedures when they left the clinic.

The formulation of the skincare line has one specific Brazilian plant in each product that targets certain areas of concern. The environmentally friendly practice is Ms. Pitanguy’s personal commitment to her beliefs. Just like her father she likes to find balance between nature and science.

The rebalancing formula from the product line is my favorite. The rich and smooth texture feels great on the skin with the active ingredient of Irvingia extracts that nourishes while the Abyssinian oil moisturizes the skin. The amazing face cream retails for $275 at Neiman Marcus.

PREVIOUS also offers a three step program which you do every night. This is an anti-aging formula that rebuilds and nourishes the skin. The combination of the hyalauronic acid and peptide work togather to penetrate into wrinkles and improve the look of the skin’s radiance and firmness. This unique moisturizer shows results within five days of use and it retails for $

These products are an extension of who Dr. Pitanguy is and the quality stands behind the man and his staff. His unique gift of understanding the true meaning of beauty which he always says, "It is the harmony between body and soul."

Dr. Pitanguy now resides on his island, which he had purchased in 1973. It was just a vast lush and wilderness when he turned it into this beautiful sanctuary while maintaining the island’s natural beauty with the help of a well-known architect in Brazil named Paulo Coehlo. Bungalows were built that nestle directly in the landscape that goes hand in hand with Dr. Pitanguy’s philosophy "beauty is well being."

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