Thursday 5 February found enthusiastic patrons of the arts attending an opening at the Wall-Street Gallery Robertson in Los Angeles and embracing such Post Modern Pop artists as Mr. Brainwash (Thierry Guetta), Hijack (Jacques Guetta), Cassandra Yap, Aida Wilde, Ever, Beau Stanton, Jonathan Reiner, Skewville, Sweet Toot, Amanda Rowan, Clare Halifax, Zio Ziegler, Franco Fasoli, and Kai.

I had the pleasure of attending the show, expecting artful graffiti but instead encountering works of art.

This exhibition, aptly titled “Revolution,” is a group show and has been well curated by Sara Nachum, manager of the gallery.

The show encompasses a wide range of media, from paintings to silk screens to sculpture to photography.

Nachum, who has her masters in contemporary art from Sotheby’s in London, says of the artwork: “We believe in all the artists we are showing here and prefer to call them Post Modern Pop artists instead of Street artists.”

“Revolution” serves as a joint introduction to the group, some of whom will receive further showings at the gallery.

While every artist lived up to their bios, and more, a few pieces particularly caught my eye.  One of these was an ingenious sculptural pyramid of books, with pink paint on top, made in the shape of a heart; this visually stunning edifice greets the viewer entering the gallery and is the creation of Mr. Brainwash. Initially untitled, the piece was christened on this night as “The Heart of Life,” because Mr. Brainwash is all about people caring for one another, as corny as that might sound to the cynical among you. “My goal in life is to bring a message of love,” he says.

“The Heart of Life” truly speaks to one about the power of inventiveness: “There is no limit to what you can paint,” says Mr. Brainwash.  He selected books as his structural element because he feels that every book is a life, and he wanted to create a work full of life.
“Many artists took their art to the street because they couldn’t get shown in galleries, so this is where how they feel in their hearts comes out,” Mr. Brainwash asserts.  Indeed, leading with his heart is his own raison d’etre, if you will.

Appropriately, the Wall Street Gallery’s name is a wink to Graffiti, now Post Modern Pop artists. (Wall and Street, get it!)

One of the most talked about artists in the show is Hijack, son of Mr. Brainwash. I can see why Hijack took the UK art scene by storm in 2013 when he showed at the Mead Carney Fine Art Gallery in London. The show was a sell out!

Hijack has a show coming in Switzerland and will also be featured in a solo show at the Wall-Street Gallery. Some of his most salient pieces in the current show are: You Can Mimic The Result, But Not The Creativity; The Beating Heart; and Life Through Street Art were among the standouts of the “Revolution” show.  Hijack’s work is erudite, yet passionate, profoundly conjuring up human emotions.

Photographer, Amanda Rowan is another standout artist in the current show.  Her photos of the children of rock and roll legends are cleverly styled and display an alluring sense of vision.  The daughter of Bluegrass singer Peter Rowan, she has a book due out in September entitled Born Back Stage that draws on her life experiences and features her prose as well as her photography. She will also have a show at the gallery in September.

Still another artist of note in the show, Johnathan Reiner, takes us on quite an appealing ride with his Totem Series. In his clever pieces, Ziegfield Follies girls await us in a dream of tribal dress, so that we can worship them even more.  Reiner, a doctor whose heart is in the art world, is a self-taught silkscreen maker.

Also not to be overlooked in the show is the perspicacious artist Kai, whose works drive us to examine our values. Indeed, Lost Values are the words sewn into a Louis Vuitton fabric in one of her pieces. It asks us to look into the money we spend just to feel important. Why do we spend over a thousand dollars on a purse or a pair of shoes? 

Curator Nachum has put together a thoroughly engaging show.  If you are an art lover then you must see this revolution of the avant-garde.

The next exhibit at the Wall-Street Gallery will be “Sentients,” a solo show by UK artist Matt Small, opening March 21st.