Well, if it isn't too much to ask, I find living in the world's tallest hotel and having a 21year old Macallan in the world's highest Vault to be phenomenal. I am referring to the 72nd floor of the JW Marriott Marquis hotel, Dubai.

As I was enjoying the breathtaking panoramic views from the swanky Vault bar and sipping on the Macallan, I was engulfed in the rich tobacco smell of the Gurkha cigars and the eloquent geometric interiors. The exhilarating ambience was just too tantalizing.


The massive gold Vault door has the feeling of entering a gold vault in Switzerland. It invites you to a luxurious and contemporary black and gold themed decor. The floor to ceiling windows and the geometric design are amazing. The chic cigar lounge is fabulous. One can just chill out, have a glass of wine or taste different vodkas. Then they can have the sushi or caviar while having a Cuban or a Dominican cigar.

The Vault is an extraordinary bar, spread across two levels.

They have the finest selection of cigars, a wide variety of the world's best wines and of course, malts. They also have some exotic cocktails, delicious starters and food. It is truly for the connoisseur. The Vault has an astounding collection of over 100 varieties of the most expensive vodkas.

Now it was time to try some specially prepared cocktails and I started with The Investment, delicately prepared with the Ron Zacapa 23yr old rum. It is made with Martini Rosso and Salted Caramel, with a dash of bitter truth wood bitters. This was a just a fabulous cocktail. The fruity, nutty rum awakens the taste buds. The sweet martini rosso and salted caramel dance together and the lingering taste of the rum and Martini remains. It is very refreshing. I noticed that a few of the cocktails were based on Bank and Investment terminology. For example, they served the Million Dollars, the Vault Member and the Money Flow. Normal cocktails were also there, including the Fashionista and the Gilded Martini. I ended with The Million Dollars - the cocktail that is.

Now I was feeling hungry, so I ordered a couple of starters. I cannot eat too much as I am dining at the PRIME 68. I ordered the Lobster & Truffle Roll. It was just so delectable. It had melting lobster with the rich taste of truffle and a Brochette sampler. I just love the mushroom and artichoke taste blended together. The Ricotta, Avocado and Tomato were so fresh in taste.

The Vault has various themed nights throughout the week, the Ladies night, Gentlemen's Night and DJ nights. The DJs are Nicole and Adam J. The Golden eye Brunch after Party emulated the Bond lifestyle.

I proceeded to the PRIME 68, as I am actually salivating to have the steak. The enchanting panoramic views of Dubai's amazing skyline were clearly visible as I was seated at a table close to the floor to ceiling windows. I watched the Dubai canal and the glitter of the skyscrapers. The white and black interiors had walls adorned with pictures of the yester-year's Hollywood stars. Silk strings cover the booth for intimate dinners. PRIME 68 is a new generation of steakhouse, where artisans craft your steak to perfection. It has a private dining room to celebrate with your family or business associates. Panoramic views of Dubai can be reserved. As I am getting very impatient, my hunger pangs are about to go out of control. I ordered the 2006 Les Forts de Latour Pauilla with a couple of starters. The starters were the Jumbo Tiger Prawn Cocktail, prepared with mixed greens, Tomato, Avocado, Quail Egg and Marie Rose sauce. Such succulent prawns blend beautifully, especially with the taste of Quail eggs, Avocado and the sauce. It was simply perfect. Next I ordered for the Lobster Pot Pie, prepared with Canadian lobster, root vegetables and a Puff pastry crust. Tasting this for the first time, I really enjoyed it. The soft melting lobster complemented the slight crunchiness of the Puff pastry crust. The root vegetables turned the taste a bit different.

After 2 glasses of the exuberant 2006 Les Forts de Latour, Pauilla and the starters, it was time to order the kill. The steak again made me feel like a lion, as the smell of blood made my instincts awaken. Choosing the cuts to have was most challenging. I recommend going for the Filet, New York Strip or the Rib eye. They weighed 250g or 350g for the Filet. The New York strip was 340g to 500g. The Rib eye was 400g to 500g. They certainly require a lion's appetite. I chose the Argentinean Certified Prime filet. It was very tender and I savored it with black truffle butter, tomatoes and asparagus. I must say that it brought excellence to a different level. Everything was so delectable, juicy and velvety. I could even pair it with Foie Gras stuffed chicken breast, Parmesan Truffle French fries or wild mushroom and caramelized onions. There were just too many choices. Well, I am a Lion. Even the varieties of sauces are quite a few to choose from. What really connected me emotionally to PRIME 68 was that a Lion can choose from a choice of steak knives that made me feel extremely special.

If you dining with a friend or friends, PRIME 68 offers the Butcher's Block, chosen from Jack's creek Black Angus Chateaubriand. Jack's creek Wagyu Tenderloin 7+, the Blackmore Australian Waygu Flank and the USDA Prime Tomahawk Rib eye are just a few to choose from.

So how does the chef or the artisan commence perfection at PRIME 68? First, the suppliers are very carefully selected for their finest heritage breed of beef from farms around the globe. The artisan must craft it perfectly, so it retains its freshness and taste. It is prepared with passion and pride. It is then served with the highest quality ingredients. It is no wonder that in 2017 PRIME 68 won the following awards:

  1. Best Steakhouse 2017 - FACT Awards Dubai
  2. Shortlist Brunch Award 2017 - Best Carnivore Brunch
  3. Food & Travel Arabia 2017– Best Steakhouse & Grill

GB Bajaj with Shyam Krishnan I Director- Guest Experience I JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

It was time for dessert and I felt like having an Armagnac. I chose the JOY BAS ARMAGNAC. The best dessert to pair with it was the decadent Triple Chocolate. It is comprised of hazelnuts, coffee crumble, caramelized banana and meringue. The taste was so delicious that I ordered the same of both, again.

PRIME 68 is heavenly. They have very attentive and warm service. It is a luxurious experience of subtle opulence and a great ambience.