The Best of the Best Hollywood Lounge Suites

Doris Bergman

If Hollywood is a mecca for entertainment, then Doris Bergman’s lounge suites are a mecca for the celebrities and journalists of tinseltown. Ms. Bergman is indeed the doyenne of public relations and lounge suites, and her pre-Oscars event is a must-attend affair every year.

So, exactly what is a lounge suite? A lounge suite is a location where brands come together to give out gifts to celebrities and journalists who then pose with the gift for the cameras in celebration of an impending event. I was overjoyed to be invited to the eleventh iteration of the Doris Bergman Oscars lounge suite, held at her favourite restaurant, Fig and Olive, on February 21, 2019.

The day for this lounge suite started excitingly with a red carpet at 10 AM. Upon arrival at the site, we journalists were given our credentials and a big shopping bag full of goodies, such as exotic spices from Dragon Island Spice Company.

I was also there to help my good friend the international fashion designer Sue Wong set up her booth, which featured her stunningly beautiful gowns. Ms. Wong is an ongoing exhibitor at the Doris Bergman Lounge Suites, which are held for the Emmys, the Oscars, and the George Lopez Golf Classic. Of these, Ms. Wong participates in the Emmy and Oscar suites.

After helping Ms. Wong set up, I began to saunter through the bevy of lovely booths comprising the suite. Ms.Bergman always creates an aesthetic atmosphere in her suite, insuring her guests a pleasurable experience – after all, this is the Oscars!

My first stop on my sojourn was a little naughty, the Buy Wine table. Buy Wine is run by CEO Alma M. Callan, who was on hand herself to disseminate her vast knowledge of wine and to let us privileged people do a taste test with the variety of vintages provided that day. Is there a better way to start the day than with a glass of wine? Also, my tastings made my stroll through the different brands even more enjoyable!

I next found my way to the Olecea Beaute table where the friendly and competent Janet provided me with the au naturel Olecea Pearl Activating Elixir for my face.

I then encountered the Milenia’s Boutique display where the candles were just divine and where I spent a good deal of time talking to the owner Milenia and just sniffing her variety of candles. The candles are all natural and made of soy, Shea butter, coconut, and apricot and can even be used as a moisturizer for the skin.

My joyous jaunts through the lounge suites were actually intermittent, as I spent much time at the Sue Wong boutique where celebrities, men and women both, were awed by the copious amounts of gorgeous gowns on view. One more beautiful than the next, these gowns were ready to be rented for the upcoming blessed event, the Oscars. I myself have ten of Sue Wong’s strikingly beautiful creations.

Bruce Dern showed up at Ms. Wong’s table and simply stole the show, as it were, regaling us with his personable tales of his exploits. When I say “us,” I mean Dustin Quick, one of Ms. Wong’s favorite models, and Maryam Morrison, journalist extraordinaire of Eden Magazine and a dear friend of Ms. Wong.

After a few more lively exchanges with celebrities and fellow journalists in attendance at the suite, it was time for lunch, and Ms. Bergman provided a gourmet feast, prepared by Fig and Olive Restaurant.

With lunch under my belt, it was time for me to visit some other brands. One of the most captivating booths showcased the brand La Cristallerie des Parfums Paris. There, I was given 100 ml of the parfum Aeria Topazus, a most enchanting fragrance. CEO Helena Robin, a proud Parisian, whose family goes back generations in the City of Light, was on hand to elucidate. Cristallerie de Parfums, or CP, was born out of her passion to honor the extraordinary women in her life and she has done just that with her elegant and alluring perfumes.

I next visited the S&G Thesign station, which featured goods designed and handcrafted in Italy out of the finest Italian leather. I was much impressed with the quality of craftsmanship of the products on display, and can testify that, as advertised, the brand showed “luxury with personality.” I was presented with a simple but elegant bracelet which now often adorns my arm.

I then came upon the Art Lewin Bespoke booth. The company is one of America’s premier tailored clothiers, offering a complete line of tailored suits and shirts, some of which I saw and found most impressive. They also offer ready-made executive apparel for men and women and are very highly rated by their customers.

My next call was at the Spa Girl suite, and was it ever appropriate. I was offered the company’s premium cocktail, and it hit the spot after a day of working and wandering.

Finally, I visited the Precious Vodka booth and talked about vodka with CEO Kip Kimerly. The company was founded in 2010 and incorporates a prized 17th Century Polish recipe in its product. To enhance the presentation of this ultra-premium vodka, a unique diamond-shaped bottle was created with a lovely twist — a beautiful gemstone in the cap. Each bottle contains one of the following gem stones: sapphire, emerald, ruby, topaz, peridot, or amber.

In the course of my travels throughout the lounge suite, I sampled hors d’oeuvres being passed out to energize the guests. The expert Doris Bergman was always looking out for us!

And, it would not be a Doris Bergman lounge suite without the presence of Bergman’s pet charity, Wednesday’s Child, which assists teens in foster care. All guests were encouraged to make a financial donation to this worthy organization and/or bring at least one gift item for the charity. Award-winning broadcaster Christine Divine of Fox 11, who was present, is active in Wednesday’s Child and profiles children who are waiting in foster care to be adopted on Fox News on Wednesday and Sunday at 10 PM. Ms. Divine works closely with the County of Los Angeles’ Department of Children and Family services and to date more than 400 adoptions have been made through her features. 

Essay Morales and Dustin Quick

Among the celebrities in attendance at today’s invitation-only lounge suite were: Bruce Dern (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), Esai Morales (NCIS Los Angeles), Christopher McDonald (Coach Dixon), Chris Browning (“Bosch”), Deidre Hall (”Days of Our Lives”), Jackson Dunn (“Brightburn”), Jon Mack (“Pandora’s Box), Kheng Hua Tan (“Crazy Rich Asians”), Lydia Cornell (Too Close for Comfort), Maria Conchita Alonso (Saints and Sinners), Michael Campion (“Fuller House”), Rex Lee (“Young & Hungry”), Teilor Grubbs (“Hawaii Five-O”), Tristan Rogers (General Hospital), Jenni Farley (“Jersey Shore Family Vacation”), Sophia Milos (The Sopranos), and Judy Tenuta (comedian).

This delightful day wound down with a photo session with Ms. Wong and it seemed as if everyone wanted to take a photo with the star costumer.

I want to thank Ms. Bergman for her well-designed lounge suite event and I look forward to her next presentation.