Innovative Fusion Gastronomy at GLocal Junction

On entering the Glocal restaurant, I was amazed at its interior designs. They were geometric in theme in a large expanse. Rustic hints and vintage accents infused the theme. There was a giant Glocal logo on one wall. Wow! There was a very vibrant energy flowing all over. Glocal has a 20 foot long bar, a live band, disco lighting and an attentive staff.

Glocal is a very unique concept. It has new-age all day dining and a bar. It has a global multi cuisine menu, exotic cocktails and delicious desserts. It appeals to regional tastes and local cultures with a desi twist. Glocal has an innovative gastronomical cuisine and it is filled with art installations. It is a gallery restaurant.

So if your favorite cuisine is Middle Eastern, Italian, various Indian or even Peruvian, there is a dish or starter from your favorite cuisine.

I started with some exotic cocktails. I ordered the Basil and Watermelon Smash. It was sweet with a vodka twist; the stronger the better. I then tried the toxic box. It consisted of vodka with galangal, lemon and grass litchi. It was a bit different to my liking and bitter. The manager recommended I try the black magic. It is whisky with bitters and smoky orange marmalade. The Thailee was an infusion of vodka, Midori and sweet and sour mix. These cocktails were perfectly mixed. The taste of each could be enjoyed and the taste of the stronger alcohol lingered. It was very refreshing.

With the cocktails, the starters to have are the colocassia tuk. They are flattened arbi cakes. They are deep fried and deep gold in color. The Doner Puri and the gol gappas are stuffed with lettuce, chicken shawarma and hummus with tommaya. The Murtabak flat bread was stuffed with minced lamb and tommaya. For starters, it was served with onion rings. If you love pizza, a variety of toppings were available. The double marguerita pizza, the paneer chilly pizza and the mushroom bianco were roasted with a garlic, mushroom and rosemary cheese sauce. Crushed black pepper and caramelized onions were also available. The pizza bread was fresh and crisp, with an amazing combination of toppings. It goes well with beer or cocktails. If desi is your style, go for the paneer bhurji burger or sandwich. You should also consider the classic chicken burger or the vegetable cubano.

French fries were on the side. Do try the Lebanese Pizzas, Meshwi, Churrasco Chicken, Goan Pork Sausage and Red Onion Pizza.

For the lovers of kebabs, these were the most mouth watering and juicy kebabs I have ever had. The Adana kebabwas was made with minced meat and cooked on sheekhs. It was served with your choice of Tomaya, Zatar, Onion and green chillies or the Grilled Paneer with red onions and bell peppers in peri peri chimichuri. It was excellent with a malt because I have switched to Talisker. Fish lovers should try the peeli mirchi and the adrak waali machli.

Now it was time to order dinner. The starters had already satiated my appetite by 60%. They were so yummy and finger licking good. I started with the Black and White Linguine Pasta with herbs and the penne arrabiata with chicken. I just loved the creamy sauce. It was so cheesy. A must try is the baked lasagna and the biryani risotto served with khakra churra. As for the dinner specialties, I recommend the smoked butter chicken served with chur paratha and paired with churchgate tawa puloa. The tagliatelle kheema Bolognese has an Indian twist. There is a fantastic fusion of cuisines available and the portions are very generous.

I must take a break before the dessert round. I am so full by now I need to walk one kilometer for my appetite to be ready for desserts.

I was intrigued by the Paan Cheesecake Kolkatta Paan. It was carefully wrapped with Sweet paan masala and paneer. It also contained hung curd. I then tried the Caramel Mousse with Edible Soil which was presented in unique glass bowls. The mousse was very rich in cocoa and velvety with caramel explosions.

Glocal Junction has a very immersive atmosphere, décor and ambiance. I just could not stop indulging in the food, the drinks, the music and the desserts. All of them were served in generous portions. It is a perfect place to celebrate with your office associates or hold a kid’s party or even a wedding reception. Foodlink Restaurants (India) is promoted by Sanjay Vazirani, an alumnus of Cornell Nanyang Institute of Hospitality Management, Singapore. He revolutionized the concept of fine dining in India. His philosophy is to be the best in the world of cuisine. They offer the highest standard of service. Sanjay believes in excellence. He established Foodlink in 1998. Sanjay’s vision is to be an industry benchmark in “Value Creation” and “Quality Consciousness,” through the excellence of its people, its innovative approach and overall conduct.