Artist Spotlight: Angelique Bacia

Angelique Bacia

It was a warm spring Sunday evening, April 14th, 2019, when Angelique and her husband Michal dropped by my house to install two majestic abstract oil pieces that Angelique recently composed.

I’ve known Angelique since 2006, when she was expressing her art as an actress and quickly evolved into writing her own comedic series. As life progressed, so did she. Life had other plans for Angelique, or should I say, Angelique had other plans for life? Similar to the ying/yang of the theatre masks, this brave artist followed course.

Before I knew it, she was off to Europe where her and Michal eloped and the Angelique of before was transforming into who she is today and who she will become tomorrow, next week, next year, next life.

The evolution I described above is important for what is to come when she was asked “What inspires you to paint? I mean, how do you come up with these works of art?”

“SUMMERTIME” by Angelique Bacia

Angelique’s response was one of note and quite intriguing. Everyone has their own method. She answers: “With art derived from oil, I first select a word, like summer. I then meditate on that word. Breathe in what summer means to me, to everyone, to the world. I take my time with this process. Once I start feeling that the meditative process is complete, it can take days at a time, with the blank canvas ready I succumb to the energy that I’ve been working with and the painting begins.” Whether painting or using a tool to scrape the paint away/off, the process is ongoing. Every stroke is driven from that energetic life that she breathed in.

“CALM” by Angelique Bacia

However, when it comes to acrylic paints, Mrs. Bacia says “The process is different. I use Blue, Magenta and Yellow. Those are my base colors, similar to printers and CMYK. The only color I change is the blue. Different shades of blue. Composing acrylic pieces happens to be ‘backwards’ from oil. The word comes last. I paint and paint and when finished, I take my time, energetically to let the art tell me what the word is.”

Many artists have different ways of creating their art. Angelique’s spark was so unique to me that I had to share her process, and her art.

The two massive oil pieces installed in my home are named “Summertime” and “Calm”. Both are available for purchase. Looking at them, you’ll quickly understand and appreciate the magical process to give such depth to the stunning compositions.

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