Sue Wong’s Royal Soirée

The social event of the Los Angeles fashion season was the birthday party held by the famous fashion designer Sue Wong for Her Highness Dr. Princess Antonia Schamburg-Lippe. The event was held at Wong’s iconic Hollywood landmark mansion/palazzo, The Cedars, on September 23, 2015.

The affair was brilliant and had a radiant cast of characters. Where else in Hollywood can one find such refinement and élan as in Sue Wong’s Café Society? In fact, never have I seen anyone attract as many artistic and fascinating people as Sue Wong does. So, with Wong’s perspicacity for all things artistic, how could there not be interesting people at her famous Cedars events?

The Cedars was built in the 1920’s by silent film director, Maurice Tournier and modeled after an Italian palazzo. This storied edifice has been home to some of Hollywood’s royalty such as Dennis Hopper, Johnny Depp, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendricks, and Lou Reed.

Wong considers herself the temporal mistress of the estate, which she says reflects her design sensibilities. The palazzo is surely a Grande Dame, made for royalty!

HH Dr. Princess Antonia Schaumburg-Lippe is a German princess from the founding family of Hamburg, Lubeck, and Kiel. She is an award-winning author, keynote speaker, and TV personality. She also holds a masters degree in law and a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. Her husband, Prince Waldemar, is the son of H.R.H. Princess Feodora of Denmark and the cousin of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. H.H. Prince Waldemar has a royal family lineage dating back more than 1,100 years. He is related to 25 monarchial heads of state, through their mutual ancestor King Christian IX. Their son, H.H. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe, is a multi- award-winning TV-host, actor, and entertainer. The official website of the family of Schaumburg-Lippe-Nachod is:

The family travels between their residences in Monaco, Austria, and Germany, and flew into Los Angeles for the birthday party and Wong’s eagerly awaited fashion show on October 5th.

One of major events of the night was the presentation of a special welcoming award to the princess from the County of Los Angeles by distinguished Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich.

The party attracted entertainment luminaries such as actor Ronn Moss (THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL), director Rob Minkoff (THE LION KING), actress Alice Amter (THE BIG BANG THEORY), actress Jo Hilton, actress Sofia Milos (CSI: MIAMI), Grammy winner and recording artist Omar Akram, rockers Chris Pitman (GUNS N’ ROSES), Ralph Rieckermann (SCORPIONS), Erin and Sarah Parker (ParkerWhitaker Productions), Sandro Monetti (Director of BAFTA), former BAFTA Chairman of the Board Nigel Daly, OBE, and actor-director Tony Tarantino.

It was lovely to luxuriate on the navy and gold baroque chairs in the living room amidst the art deco décor and listen to an extraordinary performance by pop opera artist Michael Peer. One could then wander into the Jimi Hendricks room, and marvel at its Moroccan atmosphere. Indeed, wherever you are in the mansion, it is glorious!

In addition to the magic of Michael Peer’s singing, the guests enjoyed moving performances by some of Wong’s favourite musicians: Djordje Stijepovic, Maria Elena Infantino, Josh Moreland, Angel Ng, and Clarinda Morales.

The splendid evening culminated with Wong giving guests a sampling of her latest offering to the fashion world, her Eau de Parfum.

Wong launched her eponymous Parfum in May. This sensual and ethereal perfume is only available online at

Wong is ecstatic over her latest creation: “I designed the fragrance, which took a year to develop, as well as the Art Deco 1920’s packaging, including the gorgeous bottle. This fragrance befits a true Goddess, or any woman who wants to connect with her Feminine Divine.”

The Parfum deftly complements the gowns and dresses that Sue Wong already designs: it is as chic and elegant and evocative as they are, with its unique fragrance and presentation. Sue Wong Eau de Parfum is most certainly a welcome addition to my boudoir.

Thank you, Sue Wong, for a wonderful and memorable evening, on all fronts, and happy birthday, princess!