Sue Wong’s Eau de Parfum

The Sue Wong Eau de Parfum is like spring itself. It is tempting, sensual, and timeless.  Indeed, I get a lot of compliments when I wear it.  For the next six months, this fragrance will be available exclusively through the official Sue Wong online boutique, which launches this week. Please note that for the next six months this fragrance is available exclusively through the official SUE WONG online boutique: under SHOP.

Sue Wong expounds, “I designed the fragrance, which took a year to develop, as well as the Art Deco 1920’s packaging, including the gorgeous bottle. This fragrance befits a true Goddess, or any woman who wants to connect with her Feminine Divine.”

The Parfum is a special addition to the gowns and dresses that Sue Wong already designs, as chic and elegant and evocative as they are, with its unique fragrance and presentation. It is a welcome addition to my boudoir.

Ms. Wong, hailed worldwide as an iconic fashion designer, artfully incorporates both mystery and glamour in all of her creations to honor the goddess in every woman, and her new perfume is no exception.  “I like to empower women through beauty, because beauty is a powerful healing agent,” she says. Ms. Wong’s mantra,  Beauty, Magic and Transformation, is certainly “in the air” with her new essence.