2012 Hero of the Year: Kimberly Moore

Another year has passed and we again pick Baroness Kimberly Moore as a global hero. No, make that angel! Not only does she help the poor children of Los Angeles but children around the world.

This year Moore will throw a Wonderland Party on Sunday, December 16, 2012. Her organization, the Echelon Club, will present: “A Day to Remember”, the first annual “Winter Wonderland Christmas Party” for children who will not have a Christmas this year. Moore has visited every child’s home and surprised them with a telegram from Santa and an invitation to the event! She will host up to 100 children at the party, which will be held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel from 2pm – 6pm and feature ice skating, lunch, entertainment, and refreshments.  Children will also have the opportunity to win prizes, meet Santa, and pick up their personalized gifts from him. 

Actor David Joyner will emcee the event.  He has been seen on such shows as The Young and the Restless, ER, House, and 24.

We at FVM Global Magazine have been following the fascinating career of Baroness Kimberly Moore, a true humanitarian whose efforts have touched the lives of thousands of children and brought them hope through her Adopt-A-Letter program, which answers letters to Santa Claus written by thousands of underserved children in Los Angeles.  This program began five years ago during the Christmas holiday, when Ms. Moore, her staff, her friends, and members of her prestigious Echelon Club began opening and answering children’s letters to the North Pole.  This became one of the biggest Christmas stories on the news and the program has since gained tremendous momentum and scope due to the continuing efforts of Ms. Moore.  It has since branched out and led to the creation of non-violence programs and the saving of music instruction in public schools. Last year, Moore formed the Kimberly Moore Foundation in order to support Adopt-A-Letter and mentoring programs for children.  To support school music programs, Ms. Moore created a successful campaign called “Keeping Harmony Alive,” as documented on FOX News.

Ms. Moore was recognized at the Bell Gardens City Hall by the Mayor and Chief of Police for her outstanding dedication and commitment to children.  She also received a humanitarian award at the Hollywood Music Awards.  She is now known as “Ms. Santa Claus” and has adopted over 20,000 wishes of children and families.

There is more, much more!  In October, 2009, she was appointed Ambassador by the Presidential Office of Guinea Bissau in West Africa.  This is one of the poorest countries in the world and Ms. Moore has dedicated herself to helping its people.  Through her network of friends and colleagues, villages have been adopted and aid programs begun, all of which will be documented in a new educational television series.

Ms. Moore has also recently formed a partnership with “The World Hand Foundation” to deliver prosthetics to children in Africa who have been victims of landmines.

More awards for Ms. Moore based on her philanthropic efforts include the Title of Honor and the Lady of Peace Making Medal.

Ms. Moore’s forte is her ability to utilize her network of influentials to raise funds, awareness, and support for her causes. She has widened the scope of her private social club, Echelon, to include not only the movers and shakers of Los Angeles but also those in Dallas as well.

The Echelon club has attracted some of the world’s most influential leaders in business, technology, and philanthropy, as well as politicians, royalty, celebrities, and iconic figures. Members gain exclusive access to an array of private gatherings in luxurious social settings, while enjoying the creations of Celebrity Chef Jack Lee. Ms. Moore says, “Echelon is a great platform which allows members to maximize relationships and play an important role in their society.”

Ms. Moore has recently created an app for Iphone, Ipad, and Itouch users called “The North Pole.”  With it, children can write letters to Santa and receive instant gifts, educational games, and messages of hope; this is a great gift for any child. The North Pole application will also partner sponsors to benefit children of the Adopt-A-Letter Christmas program.

The Brits In LA have joined in and have given a Christmas party for Adopt-A-Letter this year. The party was a tremendous success. The Brits In LA are a very generous group.

To learn more about Baroness Kimberly Moore and her Adopt-A-Letter program this Christmas, please visit: www.adoptaletter.org
To become a sponsor or donate directly to her causes, please visit: www.theechelonclub.com/events.htm