The Tommy Armour Golf Shirts are a real find!  I fell in love with them the moment I saw the first one displayed in a Sports Authority store.

These short sleeve shirts are very smart looking, highly contemporary, and come in a wide variety of colors, including solids and stripes.  They are an easy care product, can be washed at home, and are wrinkle-free.  The shirts are made in Vietnam and are 100% polyester.  After repeated washings, they have proven to be very durable.  Furthermore, at about $19 on average, they are reasonably priced and are comparable to more expensive shirts of this type I have purchased in the past.

They do not carry a company logos on the front, which is a plus for a man who is his own brand walking and can stand on his own self-worth.

The shirts are extremely comfortable, airy, and great for casual wear.  I like to wear a wide range of colors to display my flamboyant personality so over time I have purchased two navy, one navy with light blue stripes, one light navy, two light navy with light blue stripes, one mauve with black stripes, one purple, one light gray, two gray, one orange, one light red with white stripes, one red, one black, two white, one white with black and blue stripes, one lime, and two light green shirts.  As one can see from the previous list,  my enthusiasm for these shirts is reflected in my acquisition of 21 of them, each shade and stripe carefully selected to reflect a different aspect of my persona.  I have received nothing but compliments when I sport them!