Editor-in Chief of FVM Global Magazine, Murray "The Fashionister" Rose

You are what you wear!  The first concept others have of you is your appearance, before you even utter a word.  So, why not display your personality in your wardrobe, whether you are in school, at work, at play, at a gathering or an event, or just out in the world?  Whatever your current station in life, be it student, employee, entrepreneur, retiree, etc., you owe it to yourself to ALWAYS put your best fashion foot forward!  You will feel better about yourself and, furthermore, those who view you will respect you, feel better about themselves, and perhaps even be inspired by your presence.  In today's world, no matter what you are doing, you are always “building your brand” as is stated in modern parlance, and your attire sets the tone for that.  I, Fashionister at Large, am here to assist you in that life long pursuit, with reviews and recommendations based on my own experience.  Always incorporate your persona in your clothing selections and fear not flamboyance, where appropriate.  I invite you to follow my columns as I offer reviews of apparel items from toe to head, based on their appearance, appeal, usefulness, durability, and affordability.  I encourage you to be adventurous!