Chu Chiao Wang

The melodious voice of the charmingly beautiful and talented CC Wang seemingly wafts across the Atlantic from Paris during my telephonic interview with her. She is talking effusively about the brilliant writer, producer, and director Luc Besson, with whom she will soon be working. Although excited about that prospect, CC still maintains a levelheaded CC Wangapproach, especially considering the fact that the revered filmmaker sought her out for a role in his new movie, which will be based on a book by Clive Cussler.

Wang is already well known and respected for her modeling career, which began in 2000.  She has done runway work for Chanel, Gucci, Cavalli, and Dior, to name just a few, and has appeared in such magazines as European Vogue and Marie Claire.

She has also begun to venture into many areas of the arts, serving as the creative director of Thomas Hodges Photography and the muse as well.  In fact, Hodges and Wang are husband and wife.  With his photographs, artist Thomas Hodges has started a new art movement known as Imaginism, and, needless to say, his wife is a favorite subject of his work.

CC WangThe polymorphic Wang has many faces, and not just on camera.  Of both Japanese and Chinese ancestry, she earned an undergraduate degree in Earth Science in Taiwan and a master’s degree in Human Resource Management in the United Kingdom. Fluent in the languages of several continents, she resides in Taiwan, France, and Italy, while accepting international assignments.  Her varied skills, interests, careers, and travels afford her unique perspectives as she further branches out in the arts.

As a model and actress, she loves being photographed and changing characters.

When asked what her impetus for becoming a model was, she replied, "I loved dressing up when I was a little girl. I also love having the camera focused on me."

CC WangHer modeling career started when someone spotted her on the street.  This is not a surprise, since she seems to impress everyone.  Now, she will be in the movies -- not just one, she already has three on tap!

"I am one of the first Asian models to have appeared in Playboy, not as a bunny, but in the celebrity column," says Wang.

She has also appeared in TV commercials and has recorded an album, having sung in a choral group in her youth.  She still accepts modeling assignments, but is very discerning.

Chu Chiao Wang is truly a woman for all seasons.  One awaits her next artistic success, whether it is on the screen, on the runway, in print, or in voice.


For more information, visit Chu Chiao's official website.