Vidya Balan with all the other award winners at the 'Outlook Business Women of Worth Awards 2017' at Four Seasons, Worli

It is “THE” night in Hollywood! The champagne is flowing, the gowns and tuxes have been employed, the stylists and make-up artists have worked their magic, and everyone is on their best behavior because the night is, of course, Oscar night, March 4, 2018. As I enter the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills to attend the American Chinese CEO Society (ACCS) Oscar China Night celebration, photographers' lights are flashing, champagne glasses are tingling, and the excitement of the night is reaching fever pitch. Needless to say, the topic of every conversation inside the hotel is who will win the coveted awards. Some serious networking is also transpiring, and I hear much oohing and aahing over some spectacular gowns on display from major designers, such as Sue Wong, who has a bevy of beauties sitting at her table all wearing her world renowned creations.

I mingle with celebrities, top fashion designers, entertainment industry luminaries, and CEO's of illustrious companies, all of whom are present for this Second Annual Gala of ACCS to celebrate the Oscars. The purpose of this epic night is to enjoy the award ceremonies in a convivial atmosphere which also enables the celebrants to interchange ideas and explore new joint opportunities with each other. Indeed, professionals from all walks of life can carry on cross-industry conversations at this event, given the multitude of producers, directors, screenwriters, actors, fashion designers, journalists, and ACCS member CEO's present.

I, too, am seated at Sue Wong's table, where I am joined by socialites Jo Hilton and Dr. Mac Moretz; international chanteuse Maria Elena Infantino and her partner, actor Peter Andrew Soli; and Charlie Glackin and actress Tahnee Harrison. We are all having a splendid time laughing and exchanging witticisms, while we enjoy a sumptuous meal and are entertained on site by the banter of two emcees and the talents of Genevieve Shi, Alston Koch, Ranella Ferrer, and King James Brown. As we view the actual Oscar ceremonies, we are collectively swept up by glitz and glamour of the bigger than life world of film.

Eminent guests at this ACCS event included: Sue Wong, fashion designer extraordinaire; Guo Ruda, China Commercial Counselor; Yuan Hao, China Commercial Counselor; Gregg Schwenk, board member of District Export Council; Kelly Hu, actress; Heidi Wang, actress; Tiger Hu Chen, Kung Fu star; Qi Zhang, director/screenwriter; Alexis Kiley, actress; Genevieve Wong, four time Emmy nominated producer/writer; Daxing Zhang, actor/producer; Arthur M. Sarkissian, producer of The Foreigner; and You Xiaogang, TV and movie producer/director.

The aforementioned Ms. Sue Wong, a socialite in her own right, invited her table occupants back to her legendary palatial estate in Hollywood, The Cedars, for an after event celebration and we partied joyously there until 3 AM. This was a fitting conclusion to the ACCS festivities. What a night!

The founder and CEO of ACCS is the affable Robert Sun, a consummate businessman, diplomat, and philanthropist. Mr. Sun is very well connected both here and in China. His diversified investments range from real estate to medical devices. He is on the board of directors of UC Riverside School of Business Administration and also serves as an advisor for the UCLA Centre for World Health.

The prestigious ACCS is a non-profit organization and is not connected to any religious or political organizations. The major purpose of ACCS is to serve as a platform for business between the US and China. ACCS also works to improve trade and facilitate the sharing of information and the development of bonhomie among its members. ACCS is expanding rapidly and offers access to major Chinese cities. Business leaders valued at the top levels of the US and Chinese government for their expertise and quality products are the member CEO's of ACCS. Their products and services cross the spectrum and include medical devices, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, bio-tech, energy, mining, heavy equipment, electronics, chemicals, clean coal and water remediation technologies, IT, computer equipment, textiles, manufacturing, food, real estate, healthcare, urban planning and design, logistics, cultural entertainment, tourism, finance, law, investment,
and taxation.

ACCS promotes trade, investments, friendship, and cultural awareness through its seminars, workshops, and trade missions, and offers a speakers bureau of its members that is available for outside events. Membership in ACCS is open to all CEO's and senior managers. Each applicant is carefully selected to ensure a proper match of goals and qualifications.